Monday, 14 August 2017

Visiting the Governor General

Hello  bloggers,
In my class we were doing reading and for reading we have groups and my group was reading a book called visiting the Governor-general.When we finish reading the book we go and do our follow-up task  and it had 4 question and we had to search up for all the 4 question.

here is a link to my follow-up task.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Matariki screencastify

Hello bloggers,
Today Hansen Class was budding up with a buddy. Me and my buddy did a screencastify and we have to try over again because we were laughing all time.Never give up and keep trying until you achieve it.

click this link to watch our screencastify.  

Geometric art

kia ora
Last week Hansen class were making geometric art and we learn about reflection ,rotation and symmetry.As you can see the top look the same as bottom and that means it is refection. If you can see each of side

Click on this link to watch a Screencastify of me talking about my design.